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I have been working hard to put this site together.
My love of viewing trashy home sites lead me to create EAGLE TRASH.I look forward to having a large inventory of trashy photos for everyone to enjoy.

The History or Story Behind My Site
This all started on a fishing trip . On the way to a fishing lake in southern michigan I was entertained by some of the TRASHY HOMES along the way.
I was then told about the web site http://www.Missouritrailertrash.com After I visted this site, I wanted a site of my own. Having a large number of trashy homes in the area and a new camera I started to document the trash in, and around, the Eagle Michigan area.
This site is here for fun and is not ment to harm anyone.It was created to have fun with the different lifestyles people live.

If you like my photos, please tell your friends to visit my web site